Welcome to pet-support.org

A place where adoring pet owners can come together to support one another with general pet support issues.

We provide advice and options to help you deal with general pet support. If your pet is ill and you need further advice and personal support dealing with the grief of losing your beloved pet or dying pet.

We all love our pets, and as you’re there to support your pets, we’re here to support you.

About Pet Support

How Pet-Support.org got started, who we are and what we plan to do.

General Pet Support

Information on keeping your pet healthy, happy and well looked after.

Sick Pet Support

Support on seeking alternative methods of helping your pet recover and making those difficult decisions.

Pet Loss Support

Personal support from others going through the same grief of losing a loved pet. Information on dealing with the grief, burying and cremating advice. Memorial options to keep your pets memory alive.

Live Chat Support

Instantly speak with others sharing tips on and advice regarding your pets. Support from one another with dying pets and pet loss.


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Remember your beloved pet with a online memorial at pet-support.org

Keep your pets memory alive..

Tell your story of the bond you shared with your pet.

Online Pet Memorials

Keep your beloved pets memory alive by sharing your story and creating an online memorial for your pet. The bond and love you shared with your pet(s) is one which only you know. Read and share stories to touch other people’s hearts with yours and theirs.

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Our Poem

“Pets come into our lives as animals we are yet to know.
We give them lots of love, care and support whilst they grow.
In return they bring us unconditional love, joy and a warm hello.
Leaving footprints all over our hearts, which continue to glow.”

Kieran Phoenix Chantrey